A n t o i n e C h a l i f o u r

I am Antoine, a web developer based in Paris, France. I graduated with a CS masters degree in 2016 and I am passionate about the Internet and about science in general. I love experimenting new technologies and creating stuff. I currently work at forMetris, a French company based in France. Here is a showcase of the things that I have built in the past :)

Travappar.se cover image
Using this app, customers can buy information about horse racing in Sweden. I actively developed the administation dashboard and the mobile app, leading a team of 8 students.
Spring Ionic AngularJS React Redux
Voyage à Nantes cover image
Voyage à Nantes
This Android app is a controller for visiting Nantes - a beautiful French city - in a Web interface. This app involved Android, front-end and back-end development.
Android SDK RxJava Bluetooth API krPano Websockets
Beautour cover image
Using this Android app, visitors of the Beautour museum can access additional information - such as images and videos - about the tour.
Android SDK RxJava OkHTTP
iConsult cover image
iConsult is a Skype-like app available on Android and on the Web using WebRTC. Users can connect, chat and make calls in real-time.
Node.js AngularJS WebRTC Socket.io Android SDK
Atlantic Surf Cup cover image
Atlantic Surf Cup
As the communication manager, I worked on the visuals of the club. I redesigned the website and designed videos and posters.
Node.js AngularJS Photoshop
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